Reliable, safe and durable

The new 7 Series professional lawn mowers from VIKING

The three new VIKING 7 Series mowers are designed for heavy-duty continuous use. The innovative magnesium housing in combination with a plastic insert makes them extremely lightweight. The series also features a model with a user-friendly mono-comfort handlebar. In VIKING's in-house development centre and in practical trials conducted in many countries, the mowers had to show what they are made of.

Mowing personnel and landscape gardening professionals who look after high-traffic public green areas such as parks, swimming pools and playgrounds depend on lawn mowers that work perfectly in different situations. The demands placed on these machines are high. They must be able to handle all types of terrain and green areas and cope with extreme loads.

VIKING understands the challenges of everyday working life. The company developed the new 7 Series mowers with features specially designed to meet the requirements of professionals. The three-speed MB 756  GS mower and the two models with hydrostatic drive, MB 756 YC and MB 756 YS, have proven their performance capabilities in an international long-term test. Professional users in countries including Austria, Germany, Spain subjected the mowers to thorough testing, often under extreme conditions. Their verdict: the mowers are easy and safe to operate on all types of terrain and are reliable even in difficult situations. The main advantages are the well balanced centre of gravity and lightweight magnesium housing with scratch-proof powder coating. They also have many useful features that make working for long periods more pleasant, such as the ability to easily adjust the cutting height to seven selectable settings.

Professional mowers from VIKING are reliable
The mowers are equipped with powerful Kawasaki engines. They ensure that the performance of the machines is adequate for coping with difficult terrain. Gardening professionals are therefore better able to focus on following the right path. Walls, fences, park benches and other obstacles demand full concentration. With steel side protection, solid rubber front bumper, thick rubber tyres and metal rims, the mowers are tough performers.

The robust equipment is designed to meet the highest demands, as is the new mower housing, which comprises a replaceable plastic inner casing and a metallic outer chassis made from magnesium. Magnesium weighs much less than other metals and is also extremely sturdy. Reducing the weight of the mower was a major priority for the developers. Whether when manoeuvring, operating on steep terrain or loading and unloading from trucks or trailers, every gram saved means that you save energy – and protect your back. With its 80-litre capacity, the grass catcher box holds a large quantity of grass clippings. Large lawns can thus be mowed more comfortably. This is also due to the fact that the mowers operate with low vibration. VIKING has separated the engine and housing using anti-vibration elements, a feature that is valued by professionals.

As special equipment, the MB 756 YC features a mono-comfort handlebar. This can withstand even the strongest tensile forces and torques thanks to a torsion-resistant construction. The single-arm handlebar means that the grass catcher bag is easily and freely accessible.

High level of safety and key accessories
Handling is simply routine for professionals. Integrated safety tools are therefore important. The innovative blade brake clutch for example disconnects the engine from the mowing deck as soon as the user releases the blade stop lever. The blades come to a stop within the shortest possible time and the engine goes on running. The mower can thus be transported safely and effortlessly to the lawn area without throwing up pebbles or other objects, which is very important in local authority facilities. This also means that the mower must not be restarted each time the grass catcher bag is emptied.

All 7 Series mowers can also be retrofitted with a mulching kit developed with proven VIKING technology. The blade shreds the grass so finely that it falls onto the ground where it acts as an ecological natural fertiliser. This also means less work, as the disposal of clippings is no longer required.