Support for the Kufstein Fire Brigade after flooding

The Kufstein Fire Brigade was constantly in operation not only during, but also after the devastating floods of July 2021 – an exceptional situation that could only be managed thanks to countless hours invested by volunteers. We are therefore pleased to support the Kufstein Fire Brigade with a donation of 5,000 euros.

The firefighters from Kufstein worked tirelessly to stop the enormous volume of water spreading through the area around the city of Kufstein during the devastating floods of July 2021.

The clean-up work required an immense effort, the fire brigade handled tasks such as clearing roads and pumping out cellars.

STIHL Tirol is pleased to support the work of the fire fighters with a donation of 5,000 euros. Image: Wolfgang Simmer (STIHL Tirol), Hans-Peter Wohlschlager (commander VFB Kufstein), Sebastian Mayrhofer (deputy commander VFB Kufstein) and Clemens Schaller (STIHL Tirol) meet in Kufstein.