VIKING supports Children's Cancer Aid

Langkampfen-based garden tool manufacturer VIKING is actively involved in the area of social sponsorship. The company recently presented a check for € 8,000 to the Tyrol and Vorarlberg Children’s Cancer Aid at the Children’s Oncology Unit of Innsbruck University Clinic.

Ursula Mattersberger, Chairperson of the Children’s Cancer Aid Association is delighted: “With this generous donation, VIKING is making a further valuable contribution to supporting our work. Our association’s top priority is to help sufferers and their families quickly and without red tape. Support of this kind significantly facilitates these efforts.”

At the University Clinic in Innsbruck, some 50 new cases of cancer are diagnosed annually among children and teenagers. When a child is found to be suffering from a life-threatening disease, the life of their family changes from one second to the next. In these challenging situations, the Children’s Cancer Aid has been providing support to these families since 1987. Long hospital stays and the intense and sometimes painful therapies affect the entire family. Thanks to medical advances, the cure and survival rates for cancers in children and teenagers has reached 80% today.

VIKING GmbH produces and sells lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, scarifiers, garden shredders and tillers. VIKING is a member of the STIHL Group and achieved a turnover of €153.9 million with 329 employees in 2013. Sales partners for the VIKING gardening power tools are service-providing specialist dealers.

“Ursula Mattersberger, Chairperson of the Tyrol and Vorarlberg Children’s Cancer Aid Association, accepts a cheque for € 8,000 from VIKING Managing Director, Peter Pretzsch.”

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